Baldwin 660 (SOLD)

Price: Call the store!   -   Year: 2001   -   Height: 44"   -   Wood: Mahogany   -   Serial Number: 1564827

Baldwin Acrosonic

Price: $2,995   -   Year: 1969   -   Height: 41"   -   Serial Number: 858954

Baldwin B342

Price: Call the store!   -   Year: 1999   -   Height: 44"   -   Wood: Cherry   -   Serial Number: 1555810

Baldwin E-50

Year: 1992   -   Height: 41"   -   Finish: High-Polish Black   -   Serial Number: 1489588

Baldwin Hamilton (SOLD)

Price: Now $1,400 with free delivery!   -   Year: 1992   -   Height: 45"   -   Serial Number: 299187

Charles R. Walter

Traditional style in mahogany with matching bench. This piano is one of my favorites because the tone is so full

Charles R. Walter 1120 (SOLD)

Price: Call the store!   -   Year: 1993   -   Height: 44"   -   Serial Number: 517631

Kawai K300 (SOLD)

This gorgeous Kawai upright is in nearly perfect condition. Built in 2018, this piano was owned by a family for

Steinway Upright

This piano is not ready to be sold quite yet, as it needs to be restrung. Year: 1883   -  Height:

Yamaha C

This Mediterranean-style Yamaha console just arrived in our store! A beautiful piano with a full sound for only $3,295! Price:

Yamaha M42

Price: Call the store!   -   Year: 1969   -   Height: 43"   -   Serial Number: 820373  

Yamaha P22

This Yamaha studio has a strong, rich tone. The perfect piano for a student looking for a quality instrument at

Yamaha U1

Built in 1976, this is an older piano, but it does not show! Elegant satin ebony finish shows no wear,

Young Chang

Made in 1987 in Korea with an oak Mediterranean cabinet. At 44" tall, this piano is excellent condition and has