Baldwin 2080 (SOLD)

Charles Walter (1)

Traditional style in mahogany with matching bench. This piano is one of my favorites because the tone is so full

Charles Walter (2)

Mahogany French provincial cabinet in semi-gloss. One of America's finest at $5,995 with matching bench. Price: $5,995   -   Height: 43" 

Conover Cable

Great piano circa 2002, 48" tall in polish mahogany. Our price: $3295 Price: $3,295   -   Year: 2002   –   Height: 48" 

Kawai 607

Circa 2006, this piano has a lovely oak cabinet and Mediterranean design. 46" tall with a full upright sound for

Kawai K-15E

New piano with high-polish mahogany finish. MSRP is $6,095... but our low price is $4,495! 44" tall with a beautiful

Kawai KL-502

Circa 1998, 50" tall high quality upright piano with stunning high-polish mahogany cabinet & matching bench. New, this piano would

Steinway Studio (1)

Steinway Studio in very good condition. Comes with a 2 year warranty. Was over $20,000, Our price now: $3,495. Come

Steinway Studio (2)

Mahogany 45" tall Steinway. $1,995 with bench. A few small cabinet issues which are reflected in the low price. Warranty

Steinway Upright

Year: 1883   -  Height: 53"   -   Finish: Satin   -   Serial Number: 51453

Wurlitzer 3000 (SOLD)

Yamaha C

This Mediterranean-style Yamaha console just arrived in our store! A beautiful piano with a full sound for only $3,295! Price:

Yamaha U1

Built in 1976, this is an older piano, but it does not show! Elegant satin ebony finish shows no wear,

Young Chang

Made in 1987 in Korea with an oak Mediterranean cabinet. At 44" tall, this piano is excellent condition and has