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3 Things Everyone Buying a Piano Should Do

  • Buying a piano is a difficult task, you want to get a high-quality instrument and make an informed decision.
  • There are all kinds of pianos being sold and given away online, and most of them are in such poor condition they are not worth repairing. We want your piano buying experience to be positive, so here are 3 things you should do during the piano purchasing process.


1. Choose a reputable manufacturer

In order to ensure your piano is built to last with expert craftsmanship and quality parts, you need to choose a piano manufacturer you can trust. Here’s a list of some of our favorite names.

Schimmel,   Steinway,   Bechstein,   Baldwin,   Yamaha

Kawai,   Weber,   Young Chang,   Wurlitzer,   Charles R. Walter

Buying from a reputable manufacturer ensures that you will get an instrument you can play and love for years and years to come.

2. Make sure the piano is in excellent condition

    • If a piano has old pins or strings, it may not even be able to hold a tune! If you are purchasing a piano like this, it may cost more money to repair than it’s worth.
    • Many pianos that are sold or offered for free online are in terrible condition. Pianos, like any instrument, need to be cared for and repaired because their parts will wear out over time if not attended to.
    • Before making a purchase, we recommend you consult the advice of a piano expert. Here at Richmond Piano, we have our professional technicians look over and recondition every piano in our store before it is sold. That way you, the customer, can ensure you’re getting an instrument that’s outstanding and built to last. If you’d like an expert opinion on a piano you are considering purchasing, feel free to give us a call!


3. Find movers who specialize in piano delivery

  • Moving a piano is not like moving furniture, it is a much more difficult task that requires the correct equipment and methods. Some pianos require being partially disassembled, padded, and strapped before they can be moved.
  • You do not want an amateur to be doing this kind of job for you.
  • Many private stores, like Richmond Piano, have a dedicated moving team that will deliver your instrument with proficiency and care. There are also some moving companies that have a piano moving specialty.



How We Can Help

There’s a lot that goes into the piano buying process. At Richmond Piano, we will help you through each step of this plan. We only sell pianos from reputable brands, we recondition and tune all of our instruments so that they leave the store ready to be played, and we deliver up to 100 miles away! If you are looking to buy a piano, we are prepared to help you.


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