Steinway “A” 


6’1″  Circa 1983 but modernized 25 years ago and rebuilt. 85 notes make this an affordable Steinway.

Our Price:  $6495

Steinway “L” 


Brown Mahogany.  New soundboard, new action with a 3yr warranty. Plays like a new Steinway.  Brand new this piano would be $60,000.

Our Price:  $33,500

Steinway “M”


In Satin Ebony.  It is 5′-7″ long.  If you stop by our showroom to play it, you will love it.

Call for Pricing.

Steinway  “L” 


5′ 11″  Finished in polished Brown Mahogany.  It was rebuilt and ready for it’s concert debut.  Circa 1925.

Call for pricing.