Steinway “A” 


6’1″  Circa 1983 but modernized 25 years ago and rebuilt. 85 notes make this an affordable Steinway.

Our Price:  $6495

Steinway “L” 


Brown Mahogany.  Plays like a new Steinway.  Brand new this piano would be $60,000.

Our Price:  $22,500

Steinway “M”


In Satin Ebony.  It is 5′-7″ long.  If you stop by our showroom to play it, you will love it.

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Steinway “M” 


5′ 7′”  Rebuilt 6 years ago.  It was originally made in 1969.  It is in beautiful condition. Priced under $20,000

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Steinway  “L” 


5′ 11″  Finished in polished Brown Mahogany.  It was rebuilt and ready for it’s concert debut.  Circa 1925.

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