All Richmond Piano tuners are members of the Piano Technicians Guild. We require our technicians to thoroughly examine your piano and make minor adjustments as part of our regular tuning service. Please note: major repairs may require a separate visit.

Our tuners are available by appointment Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Appointments can be made by calling our showroom at 804-358-1929 during business hours or filling out the form below. If scheduling through email, please list two choices of date and time. We will confirm your appointment by return email or telephone.

Do you have a question about your piano? We’re happy to help! Richmond Piano has been selling and servicing pianos for 35 years. In that time we have seen thousands of pianos and handled thousands of piano issues. Please complete the form below and click “Submit”.  Answers are sent by email, so please carefully enter your address. Please allow up to 2 business day for a response.* indicates a required field.

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1. How often should I have my piano tuned?

The Piano Technicians Guild recommends tuning a piano every 6 months. Tuning is considered standard maintenance and is crucial for insuring the integrity and worth of your instrument. Even if the instrument is not played, it must be tuned. Why? Inside your piano a metal harp or plate supports the strings. The harp holds approximately 20 tons of tension. Regular tuning maintains this tension evenly on the plate. If not properly and regularly tuned, tension on the piano’s plate may become uneven. Eventually this condition can lead to sustained damage to your piano. Our piano tuners are certified technicians with extensive tuning and repair experience. They are available by appointment by calling our showroom at 804-358-1929.

2. Does my piano need to be tuned after it is moved?

Changes in humidity affect tuning more than moving. If you are moving your piano from one room to another, or even from one building, humidity levels won’t change drastically and the piano probably won’t need to be tuned. However, if your piano is being moved a long distance, climate conditions will probably change and your piano will need tuning. It is best to allow your piano to acclimate for several weeks before having it tuned.