Richmond Music & Arts Education Center

Direct Phone – 804-346-2828


MuseMinder is our web-based calendar and billing system. For your convenience all families are given access with a username and password. This system lets you check for weather related closures, holidays, make payments, and verify lesson dates and times. Use of this system helps us minimize administrative calls and costs. Muse Minder Login Instructions

Basic Requirements

Please sign in at the MEC Reception Desk when you arrive. Parent or Student may sign in.

      • No additional time can be added to lessons to make-up for late arrival. Best Practice: arrive five minutes early and be ready to work when your lesson begins. After a lesson is complete, students are expected to leave the waiting area promptly.
      • All children not taking lessons MUST be accompanied by a parent in the waiting area. PARENTS: do NOT allow children to play in the showroom. Children must be accompanied at all times in the showroom. A parent must accompany students to sign in area. Please do no drop your children at the door.
      • Students: Please take care of personal needs-bathroom, hand washing, water – before your lesson.
      • Always bring assigned music to your lesson. Lesson books are only available for purchase, not loan, so your choice would be to purchase a new book or use whatever music your instructor has on hand. When purchasing a book, please write your name inside. (If you leave your book at the studio or waiting room area, we will know who it belongs to).
      • Food and drink are ONLY allowed in our designated waiting room area.
      • Please avoid talking on cell phones or texting during your lessons, unless it is an emergency.

Tuition Options

We offer TWO (2) Payment Options. When you register for classes you will be asked to choose an Option that suits your needs.

Semester Option

Lessons are paid for in a one-time payment or in increments of 3 Months or 6 months at a time.  

Monthly Option

Lessons are paid for each month; on the first lesson of that month.  If you choose the Monthly Plan, you can either be 1) Set up on AutoPay (we will bill you by the 7th day of each month) or you can 2) Pay the administrator at the desk or pay through our Muse Minder system . If you choose to make payments yourself through MuseMinder, payments must be made by the first lesson of the month, whether you are paying at the desk or paying online. A $5 late fee will automatically be charged after the payment due date. With the Monthly Option you are automatically enrolled each month unless you notify us in writing one (1) week prior to the next month.

      • A one-time Registration fee of $25 is charged for new student enrollment. Lessons are $30 per half hour. $45 for 45 Minute and Hour lessons are $60.
      • Tuition payments are non-transferable and non-refundable. See Attendance policies.
      • Lesson dates and times are not held open for students taking a leave of absence or skipping months at a time.
      • To discontinue lessons, written notice must be given to the Music Administrator one week prior to the end of the current lesson month. Remaining monthly payment is NOT refundable. Sorry, no refunds. We will provide a store credit that you can use to purchase Books, Gift Certificate, Metronoms, etc.


Students are expected to attend their scheduled lesson each week for the entire semester. Our semester does not follow the Henrico County School calendar. Our Music Education Center is closed on the following holidays, and for the last 2 weeks of December. We are closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (3 days), and Christmas & New Year for 2 weeks. We DO NOT follow the HCPS Inclement Weather closings. In inclement weather do one of the following to determine whether the Richmond Music & Arts Education Center is open. 1). Call 804-346-2828 to hear the recorded closure message.  2). Check your Muse Minder account. 3). Check our Facebook page. 4). Watch CBS Channel 9 for Weather Closures.  Important: Keep personal contact information current with Grace at the desk at the Richmond Music  & Arts Education Center so you can be reached in case of an emergency or a weather-related closing.

In order for our students to receive the best instruction, we stress how important it is to attend your lessons. Stability and dedication are important in taking lessons and assist you in getting the best results.

Students who are absent from a lesson are still required to pay for that lesson time. We respect our teachers and the time they set aside for lessons. Please note : When you sign up for the Monthly payment or Full Term payment, A late call / no-call / no-show is considered an absence and CANNOT be made up.  You are still required to pay for that missed lesson.

However, we understand that children get sick and there are special circumstances. Students that have paid in advance for their lessons will be given TWO (2) Make-up lessons per semester. Make-up lessons are ONLY allowed to be scheduled during the make-up week at the end of the semester. Make-up lessons are given to those who have paid for the class in advance and call to cancel a lesson with the 24 hour notice. To cancel a lesson call the school at 804-346-2828 at least 24 hours in advance and/or provide a doctor’s note for being sick. Sending an email to cancel is not acceptable.  Our studio runs on a very tight schedule and with our many students and teachers and we feel this will be fairest to everyone involved.

In the case of a teacher cancellation, Richmond Music & Arts Education Center has the right to provide a qualified substitute. If no substitute can be found, make-up lessons will be given at a time arranged with the administrator. If for any reason, the make-up lesson is not provided, a credit will be issued to your account.