Piano Repair, Restoration, Rebuilding and Reconditioning


Before accepting any restoration project we personally evaluate your piano. Please call either William Chubb or Doug Wurz at 804-358-1929 to schedule your on-site evaluation and to discuss the details of your restoration.

What is the difference between piano restoration, rebuilding and reconditioning?

Piano Reconditioning

  • All original parts used.
  • Recondition and soften felt.
  • Action regulated to factory specifications.

Piano Rebuilding

  • Replace any worn part with new parts.
  • Soften, rebush, refelt and recondition all parts to operate as close to factory specifications as possible.
  • Repair to soundboard if needed.
  • Replace tuning pins and strings if needed.
  • Regulate, tune and voice.

Piano Restoration

  • Replace all moving parts with highest quality parts available.
  • Refelt all friction points.
  • Install new soundboard and pinblock.
  • Restore cabinet to original condition.
  • Return piano to original showroom condition and provide a new piano warranty.