Incredible listing of pre-owned pianos, just updated for 2018! Use the scroll bars on the right side to view our online inventory of Pre-owned Grand Pianos. Keep in mind, we add to our inventory daily, so if you don’t see what you want, please call or visit our showroom.

Grand Pianos are classified by length; vertical or upright pianos by height. Grand classifications are as follows:

  • 4’8″ to 5’6″ = Baby Grand
  • 5’6″ to 6′ = Living Room Size
  • 6′ to 7′ = Parlor Grand
  • 7′ and above = Concert Grand


Yamaha C2 – SOLD

5’9″ long, conservatory grand with stunning mahogany polish finish. Perfect 2001 condition priced at 50% off new, now only $15,500

yamaha5925373a yamaha5925373b


Baldwin SF-10, circa 1998 Gorgeous piano in ebony satin 7’0″ with booming dynamics for the discriminating musician. Our price $34,900



Baldwin SF-10 in mahogany finish 7’0″ long made in 1994. Lots of great music left in this wonderful piano and priced to sell at only $10,990


Kawai GX-2 

New piano but, must be sold as used as it was rented just three times. Warranty available, 5’10” long made in 2017. Kawai’s list price $44,095, our sale price only $25,280 or make offer! Must be sold now. Give us a call for this exceptional piano.

kawaigx2a kawaigx2b

Nordiska Grand 

Nordiska Grand Piano 5’0″ long, circa 2001. Priced to sell at $5495. Beautiful high polish mahogany finish with french leg design.

nordiskadg05140a nordiskadg05140b


Circa 1973, beautiful Queen Ann, mahogany 5’7″ model “M”. New $83,000, Our price just $33,500 or make a reasonable offer.

queenann434645a queenann434645b


Model “L” 5’11” long, circa 1951. Ivory keys, restrung and new action. Superb piano priced at half of new cost yet, has new piano warranty $34,500

steinway334244a steinway334244b

Steinway – SOLD

Model “M” 5’7″ long made in 1933. Restrung, original action parts, good sound and great value at only $12,500

steinway277098a steinway277098b

Kawai GS-70

7’6″ long, great for a church, recording studio, or small concert venue. Circa 1987, played very little resulting in an excellent value at only $12,890


Yamaha GA-1

4’11” long with like new high polish black finish. Made in 2004-2006, priced to sell at only $8995


Weber Grand

6’1″ long 2017 model, never been sold and in spotless condition. Warranty available, musicians piano at $16,750 or make us an offer.



Model 43 grand piano 5’0″ long with Concertmaster player system that works well with CDs. Our price $8890



6′-1″ long grand, circa 2001 with high polish black finish. Just like new high performance professional piano. Was $28,000, now sale priced at only $14,800


Kohler & Campbell SG400S – SOLD

5’0″ long, circa 2007 in excellent condition, repossession price only $5980

kohlercampbelliqkg0362b kohlercampbelliqkg0362


5’0″ long, circa 2006 grand piano with warranty, reduced for quick sale. Now only $5895




6’8″ grand piano made in 1964, like new condition. Price reduced to $21,500 or make an offer, don’t miss out!