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Grand Pianos are classified by length; vertical or upright pianos by height. Grand classifications are as follows:

  • 4’8″ to 5’6″ = Baby Grand
  • 5’6″ to 6′ = Living Room Size
  • 6′ to 7′ = Parlor Grand
  • 7′ and above = Concert Grand

Nordiska Grand 


Nordiska Grand HPE (1)

Nordiska Grand Piano 6’0″ long, circa 2001.  Swedish design.  All German parts.  Distinguished sound.

Priced to sell at $8895.

Steinway M

Circa 1973, beautiful Queen Ann, mahogany 5’7″.  

queenann434645a queenann434645b

 New $83,000, Our price just $29,500 or make a reasonable offer.

Steinway – S 


A piano with some history, still maintaining the unparalleled Steinway craftsmanship.

Asking price $8,995. 


Yamaha G3


6’1” in Black Satin 


Weber Grand


6’1″ long 2017 model, musicians piano.

Never been sold, but has been used by Musicians.

Warranty included.  Priced to sell $11,995





Model 43 grand piano 5’0″ long with Concertmaster player system that works well with CDs.

Our price $8500.






At 6’8″ this piano creates magnificent volume. 

handcrafted in Germany

Offered at $22,500