Richmond Piano has a large inventory of previously owned pianos.  This offers a great money-saving benefit for 1st time piano investors.  Our skilled, piano technicians dedicate many hours of labor refurbishing every pre-owned piano before it is sold.   This provides assurance you won’t be purchasing someone’s “white elephant”! 

Our inventory changes weekly, so, please stop in or call our showroom at  804-358-1929 or 1-800-899-1929  if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our website.

Preowned Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos are classified by length; vertical pianos by height. Grand classifications are as follows: Baby Grand: 4’8″ to 5’6″; Living Room Size: 5’6″ to 6′; Parlor Grand: 6′ to 7′; and Concert Grand: 7′ and above. Shop preowned grand pianos.

Preowned Upright Pianos

Vertical Pianos, also known as Uprights, are classified according to height. Upright Pianos are 50″ or taller (the tallest being 58″ – 60″.) Studio Pianos are 45″ to 49″ inches. Consoles are 40.5″ to 44″ tall, and Spinets are the smallest at 36″ to 40″ tall. All verticals require floor space 5′ wide by 2′ deep. Shop preowned upright pianos.

Piano Templates

Richmond Piano has floor templates for all pianos sizes. These patterns are available to take home and experiment with the placement of a new piano. Our Piano Consultants are always willing to visit your home to discuss the proper placement of your piano.