What is a Piano Player System?

Player systems are computerized devices that play your piano for you. By employing the latest technology, they reproduce the sound, touch and interpretation of an artist’s performance. They are controlled wirelessly through an app downloaded to your household device.  Music is then played with the visual accompaniment of the piano through a speaker system.

What player systems does Richmond Piano represent?

Richmond Piano represents PianoDisc and QRS player systems.

How do Player Systems work?

Comes with the iPad, a Player System is perfectly regulated to drive each key on your piano by the app. The player system depresses the keys on your piano as a pianist would. Videos of player systems are plentiful on YouTube. Systems can be installed on any qualifying upright or grand piano. Please call our staff to discuss the details and to determine whether your piano is a candidate for one of these entertaining systems.

What is involved in installation?

Because complex and delicate adjustments are required, piano systems should be installed by certified piano technicians. Richmond Piano employs three certified technicians trained in player system installation. It is best to have player systems installed when purchasing your piano. However, if your current piano qualifies for installation Richmond Piano can provide this service in our workshop.

Factory Installation v’s Technician Installation

Factory installations are most often performed by piano assemblers, not technicians. As such, factory installations don’t receive the attention and testing of an installation done by a piano technician. Technician installations, like those done at Richmond Piano, are performed with individual perfection and balance in mind. When installation is complete, our technicians conduct a series of performance tests on each key, putting a newly installed player system through its most rigorous trial before releasing it our customers. This process is not possible in factory setting.

How long does it take to have a player system installed?

Installations on newly purchased pianos take approximately 2 weeks depending on our workload. Installations on qualified pianos may take longer.

Does Richmond Piano stock player systems or pianos with these systems installed?

Yes. Demand limits inventory of these special pianos, but stock is available. Please see our online display for current inventory. Player systems can be special ordered in a short time but, installation requires approximately three weeks depending on work load.