Consignment Piano Showcase


In the past several years, with the downturn in the economy, we’ve seen an increase in our consignment business. Owners decide to consign their pianos for a number of reasons. The advantage to piano buyers is that consignment inventory offers a wide choice of excellent instruments, well-cared for and maintained often by musician-owners, for only a fraction of the cost.

This Spring we’ll showcase these consignment pianos and offer them at attractive prices to help owners finalize their sale. Our Consignment Showcase is a great time for anyone thinking of buying a piano to do some shopping. This is when the buyer has the best choice of instruments at the very best price. In the next month we will announce this sale statewide and locally, first to our loyal customers, then to the public.

Some of the pianos available this year in our Consignment Showcase are: two Steinway grands, two Baldwin grands. Eighteen other brand name grand pianos and sixteen vertical pianos will also be featured. If you are in the market for a piano this Spring make it a point to visit our Consignment Showcase.